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Junior Youth.

This blog may be by two girls from the bottom of Africa, but it is inspired by everyone who is involved in a worldwide work-in-progress process of empowering young people between the ages of 11 & 15 to be actively engaged; service-orientated; unity building world movers and shakers!

Please share stories, photos, or anything interesting with us from your experiences. this is a global project, so let's make it one.

If you wanna get involved in the process, then
your thoughts or if you have any questions, please ask!


Nahaal & Amy

"In relationships…this development in culture finds expression in the quality of their interactions. Learning as a mode of operation requires that all assume a posture of humility, a condition in which one becomes forgetful of self, placing complete trust in God, reliant on His all-sustaining power and confident in His unfailing assistance, knowing that He, and He alone, can change a gnat into an eagle, a drop into a boundless sea. And in such a state souls labour together ceaselessly, delighting not so much in their own accomplishments but in the progress and service of others. So it is that their thoughts centred a all times on helping one another scale the heights of service to His Cause and soar in the heaven of His knowledge. That is what we see in the present pattern of activity unfolding across the globe, propagated by young and old, by veteran and newly enrolled, working side by side."

The Universal House of Justice.

In referring to “activity” check this.


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