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Junior Youth.

This blog may be by two girls from the bottom of Africa, but it is inspired by everyone who is involved in a worldwide work-in-progress process of empowering young people between the ages of 11 & 15 to be actively engaged; service-orientated; unity building world movers and shakers!

Please share stories, photos, or anything interesting with us from your experiences. this is a global project, so let's make it one.

If you wanna get involved in the process, then
your thoughts or if you have any questions, please ask!


Nahaal & Amy

Why We Do This

Why we do this

The Baha’i Faith is a world religion that seeks to bring about the practical and inevitably attainable Unity of humanity. Baha’is are involved in a worldwide process, which seeks to spiritualize, and service-orientate communities at a grassroots level, all over the world. This is possible through four core activities that seek to transform community life.

The first core activity, devotionals, seek to bring focus to communities by using Divine text as a source of inspiration. Within a group setting, the second core activity, study circles; seek to bring about personal spiritual development on an individual level by setting the foundation for service, prayer, and the eternal nature of the soul.

The study circle course (aka the Ruhi institute) consists of a series of books, each of which has a practical service component, ranging from elevating the quality of conversation to becoming involved in transforming the education systems of children and junior youth. By the time one has completed the entire series, one is equipped with the skills to perpetuate the program in one’s own community, and in this way the process mushrooms, satellites, and becomes self-sustaining.

Children’s classes, the third book in the series and the third core activity, seek to change the way in which older people approach the development of children; creatively, spiritually, materially, physically and morally.

Still in the process of development, the fourth core activity, fifth book in the series, and the focus of this blog, is that of junior youth. In the world at the moment, society’s perspective or impression of junior youth between the ages of 11 and 15 can be highly negative, whereas the perspective from book 5 is that these youth have capabilities and capacities latent within them to transform the world.

It is important to note that the majority of the people involved in the process, whether in participation or facilitation, come from a multitude of backgrounds. The purpose of this course is none other than to increase one’s capacity for service on an individual, as well as a community level.

It is also important to note that the path to a life of service takes conscious, continuous and constant effort, support, planning, action, and reflection, but remember that you are not alone in this, and “To try, to persevere, is to ensure ultimate and complete victory.”